Ebony Magazine on Dreams

Ebony magazine’s article about the innovative dream research of Richard Corriere titled Change your Dreams and You Might Change Your Life  Source presented a new way a person can understand and use their dreams to help guide their life.

The Ebony article was based on the research article, Toward A New Theory of Dreaming which  explored the dream research of Richard Corriere as published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.  Volume 33Issue 3pages 807–820July 1977

In the article Richard Corriere stated it more important to understand how a dreamer was in the dream vs. what the dream was about.  For example, was the dreamer active or passive in the dream.  It was found that if a dreamer was passive in the dream then the dream was often troubled, confusing, and upsetting.  On the other hand when the dream was active the dreams often had clear story lines, positive outcomes, and were perceived as pleasant.

Corriere’s ideas on dreams are defined in his three :  The Dream Makers The Dream Makers, Dreaming and Waking Dreaming and Waking,  and the Functional Analysis of Dreams The Functional Analysis of Dreams.






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