American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association published a research article by Richard Corriere and his colleagues Werner Karle, Judy Klein and Joseph Hart entitled The Personal Orientation Inventory and the Eysenck Personality Inventory as outcome measures in a private outpatient clinic.  Journal Citation

Using standardize psychological tests the researchers found that time in therapy increased subjects extra-version scores and decreased their neuroticism scores. What is important about this study is that the increase in extra-version was driven by subjects learning new skills rather than undergoing traditional psychotherapy.  The authors argued that learning new is essential to one’s sense of well being.  Lack of skills is often displayed with inappropriate behaviors which are incorrectly diagnosed as various psychological problems.

Focusing on one’s problems eaves little room for self-improvement.  On the other hand, thinking of one self as a life athlete who can learn new skills opens up a world of growth and confidence.

Corriere’s ideas on bringing the idea of Psychological Fitness are found in his three books:  Life ZonesPsychological Fitness, Source French  and Going Sane. Each of the three books builds on the concept that few people are truly mentally disturbed and most people suffer because they lack basic life skills.  Skills which can be learned through practice.

Richard Corriere Research

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