Amazon wants to totally control local retail

Business Insider reports, Amazon accounts for 43% of US online retail sales.  An analysis by Slice Intelligence released found that 43% of all online retail sales in the US went through Amazon in 2016, as the e-commerce giant’s market share continues to grow.  According to the study, which analyzed more than 4 million online purchases, Amazon accounted for the majority (53%) of the growth in US e-commerce sales for the year.

Amazon is a great company and a great business and yet as great as it is, it is always dangerous and destructive.  The six million local retailers cannot compete with Amazon UNLESS they learn to compete in ways that Amazon cannot.

Amazon is convenient and impersonal.  Local businesses are convenient and personal.  The key is for local business to learn to use real-time coupons and direct-to-shopper communications.  This means enrolling in-store shoppers with direct communication tools of real-time email and text.

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