The Google monopoly will destroy Local Media

Ryan Cooper of The Week states it clearly Google is dangerous monopoly, “Google is a monopoly — and it’s crushing the internet.”  Cooper supports what I have been pointing out for the past two years.   The publication, Editor and Publisher, warns that it is  Time for publishers to wake up.   Even the staid New York Times reports that Google and Facebooks control digital advertising is destroying local media.  At the time of the article their share was 85% it has now grown to 92% of all digital advertising.  Google is destroying local media by capturing its revenue base.  It is NOT going to get better unless local media is willing to fight back in unconventional ways.

Monopolies are great companies that become so large that they become predatory.  Google is just that – a predatory monopoly.

Where I differ from other thinkers is where to point the blame.  Google is destroying the revenue base of local media companies.  In this Google is wrong but logical.  It is the actions of local media companies that is illogical.  They have tried appeasement with Google.  They have failed to optimize their advantages of local and responsive.  They refuse to address the absolutely ineffective results they deliver to advertisers.

Their failures are best summarized by a failure of leadership.  Leaders see reality and take decisive action. Sammy Papert, an enlightened expert on all things media, wrote in this month’s Wormhole about this failure of leadership.

Three Papert quotes from his leadership article:
1.     “And, let’s be 100% clear – there’s often a huge chasm between someone who is higher up in the organizational structure and a leader!”
2.     “There’s a frightful dearth of leadership and it’s worrisome.”
3.     “In my experience, about 50% of bosses aren’t in the right role.  HALF!”

The consequences of the failure of leadership is the continued downward spiral of local media.  The unintended consequences of this failure is a direct threat to democracy and free speech.  Most people have no idea how the globalist at Google distort the news and search results all with minor tweaks to algorithms.

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