Ten Must Read Articles for Local Business Owners

  1. People – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/blog/post/local-business-advantage
  2. In-Store – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/blog/post/12-seconds-to-success
  3.  Trader Joe’s – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/blog/post/how-trader-joe-kicks-amazon-and-whole-foods-butts.
  4. Don’t advertise – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/blog/post/facebook-and-google-dont-advertise
  5. Customer Stalking – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/blog/post/customer-stalking
  6.  Rigged game – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/blog/post/amazon-has-rigged-the-game-against-everyone
  7. Amazon Customer List – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/blog/post/amazon-is-building-the-worlds-largest-bird-feeder
  8.  How it Works – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/howitworks
  9.  Back to Local- Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/about
  10.  Working together – Another positive buzz https://mylocalbee.com/joinus


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