Richard Corriere is a technology-driven marketing executive who has developed coupon-driven advertising (CDA).  As media companies find their print, digital, and broadcast revenues being attacked by Facebook and Google, coupon-driven advertising offers an entire new revenue stream for media companies.  CDA is highly analytical and focused on understanding the inefficiencies of advertising as it relates to changing technology usage and cultural shifts.

BIOGRAPHY:  For the past forty-five years Corriere has pioneered and evolved the application of behavioral economics to advertising. He received his B.A. from the University of California, Irvine in 1969 and his Ph.D. in quantitative based social sciences in 1974.   In graduate school he studied with the renowned mathematician Bernard R. Gelbaum and the leading thinker in management theory James March.  The scope of his academic work set the stage for his entrepreneurial ventures.

Mostly importantly was his study of the Senoi Senoi Tribe in Malaysia.  The Senoi were known as a non-violent, highly productive society who taught their children from their earliest days to be strong in their dreams and to confront bad or evil characters.  They had children learn to re-dream dreams until they were strong, active, speaking and calling on friends to help them while sleeping.  The Senoi then went further to apply these same teachings to waking life skills.

Corriere began to understand how the current field of social science was 180 degrees different from the Senoi.  Social Sciences instead of teaching the skills people needed to learn to be productive members of society was focused on what went wrong with people and societies.  The Senoi were looking ahead to how to make life better while Social Science was looking at what went wrong.  The light bulb turned on.

Corriere began to study dreams, waking experiences, sleep, physiology, reaction time, performance, and what were the essential life skills needed to succeed.

Corriere’s ideas are defined in his three books on dreams:  The Dream Makers The Dream Makers, Dreaming and Waking Dreaming and Waking,  and the Functional Analysis of Dreams The Functional Analysis of Dreams.

Over forty years ago, during graduate school he served as Director of Research at the Center Foundation. The Center Foundation implemented the innovative concept that for most people their lack of basic skills caused what was at that time seen as psychological problems.  At that time Mr. Corriere, using the Senoi model of helping people to help each other led under the direction of his professor Dr. Joseph Hart.  One key component was that participants were trained in basic life skills and that they needed coaching rather than therapy.  The majority of early participants had only a high school education or were college dropouts.  They were coached to develop missing skills and to focus on their best as an inner guide.  Strong emphasis was placed on completing educations.  The results were that 15 became PhDs, received M.A. degrees many others went on to become doctors, dentists and lawyers.  Results were accomplished by teaching basic life skills us as how to manage time, work focus, and financial skills.  The average cost to participate was fifty dollars per month.  As it turned out the state licensing board disagreed that people could help each and that The Center Foundation and its parent organization the Center for Feeling Therapy should have focused on psychological issues rather than life skills.  Mr. Corriere and his colleagues were subject to disciplinary actions for allowing people to coach each other.

CONSULTING:  Shortly after leaving the Center Foundation Mr. Corriere went on to a consulting career with the McKinsey partner firm of W.E. Johnson Associates.

ENTREPRENEUR:  In 1994 Mr. Corriere started one of the early Internet companies The browser was Mosaic and the Internet was in its infancy.  Over the next six years Perform developed a comprehensive suite of Internet-based management tools for J.P. Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, CNBC, Comedy Central, KN Energy, Ascom Timeplex, Anderson Consulting, Watson Wyatt, MCI, Scientific Atlanta, the French global conglomerate Saint Gobain and Avon.  Accenture and its partners acquired Perform in 2000.

In 2002 G4 Connect, Inc (Wow Car Coupon) was founded to respond to the market shift to mobile via coupon based advertising.  Clients included BBDO Worldwide, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, FOX TV, Clear Channel Radio, SiriusXM, and the presidential elections in the Dominican Republic.   Wow Car Coupon has the industry leading coupon technology services media companies, car dealers, and shoppers.  It has raised millions of dollars in investor capital from leading business, legal, and advertising executives.  Its board is make up of lawyers, consultants and advertising executives.

INFLUENCES:  Mr.  Corriere has been strongly influenced by many people but the impacts of the following four men changed the direction of his life and broaden his thinking to encompass mathematical analysis, integrated of social science research and behavioral economics, presidential politics and advertising.  Bernard R. Gelbaum was the first chair of the mathematics department at the new University of California, Irvine. James March is the Jack Steele Parker professor emeritus at Stanford University and the Stanford Graduate School of Education, best known for his research on organizations and organizational decision making. Newt Marguiles Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behavior, the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine. Michael Keith Deaver a member of President Ronald Reagan‘s White House staff serving as White House Deputy Chief of Staff under James Baker III and Donald Regan from January 1981 until May 1985.

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